BestVietnamese restaurant in town

A popular Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti restaurant for its entire 30 years history serving traditional Vietnamese fair in with a certain panache.

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GoodAtmostphere & Services

We believe that the customers are our guests and deserve prompt, friendly, and courteous service we want our guests to come with great expectations and leave with satisfaction.

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HealthiestIngredients & Recipes

Whether it is appetizer, meat, seafood, or vegetarian, our recipes always contain the best quality and healthiest ingredients that are carefully selected from the best sources on the market.

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We are glad to invite you!The place where you feel bliss

Dalat is a family run restaurant that had served home-made Vietnamese food in downtown Ypsilanti, a historical district, home of Eastern Michigan University.

Dalat Restaurant has been in Ypsilanti for over 30 years. We've recently relocated to 2216 S. Main St., Ann Arbor.

Our menu includes fresh spring rolls, rice plates, noodles bowls, stir-fries and Sautés, hot soups, and other fresh traditional home-cooking Vietnamese dishes.


On Urbanspoon.  I've been to almost every Vietnamese restaurant in the area and this is at the top of the list. Great food, great service.

Chotchie Rod (a diner from Detroit)

Most delicious:

Cá kho tộ
Vietnamese braised catfish steaks simmered in thick brown sauce.

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Bánh xèo
A piece of pan-fried golden crispy crepe stuffed with shrimp, chicken or pork, mushrooms, bean sprouts and onions.

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Phở bò
Traditional Vietnamese beef-base rice noodles soup with, beef brisket topped with onions & cilantro.

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Cơm sườn & trứng ốp la
A steamed rice plate of grilled pork chop, sunny-side eggs with tomatoes, cucumber & lettuce.

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Monday - Thursday 11:00am - 8:00pm (Take-out last 15 min.)

Friday & Saturday 11:00am - 8:15pm (Take-out last 15 min.)

We accept Debit & Credit Cards.

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Please note that ALL Credit & Debit cards will incur a 3.99% Service Fee.

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